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Were BackÖYou might have noticed that I did not publish a January edition of the Cutting Edge.  Well, it turns out when you run the same computer for over 10 years you can not easily transfer to a new one.  So for the past 5 months I have been rebuilding  and relearning, and I wont even tell you the language I have picked up, so how could I possibly write a nice newsletter. Letís hope I donít have to do that for a while, although the lesson I learned is maybe I should have done it a bit sooner.
  We had a great trip to the Ward Show in
Ocean City Maryland in April.  This is the biggest and furthest we travel for a show.  The workmanship and folks are truly worth it.  You sometimes cant believe the birds donít fly.  For more photos visit our facebook page


Come visit us in Belfast Maine July 13 & 14 2013

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We create tools the way they used to beÖby hand, one at a time with great care...

The Fathers Day knife Winner is....

Daniel Stolarz

Everyone has a chance to win by either being a subscriber or a Facebook fan.  My daughter randomly picks a winner twice a year- after the holidays and for Father day.   

standard knife
 January's knife winner was Earnest Castelli

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mini fishtail skews


After 24 years of creating wood carving tools it is always amazing to see how many new ideas are born each year.  These little fishtail skews were created with a request from a carver who was trying to reach a tight spot. We have made larger versions over the years and this just seemed like it might fit the job on a much smaller scale.  Since making them to fit his existing mini set, I made a few extras for the Ward show and of course this had a few carvers dreaming about other areas they could use them.  I also had requests to put them in detailer handles.  I'll have to let you know how those work out.  


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Featured Link
  I love seeing how creative you carvers are.  Chris shared these photos with me and I thought you might enjoy his work.  Everyone needs a little inspiration from time to time.  I hope you enjoy his work as much as I did.

dress1 2sweatshirt1 (2)

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Interesting Tidbit
 When heading out to Flea Markets/tag sales this summer carry a new file.  If the file skims across the back of the tools (not on the edge) this means they are relatively hard.  If it bites in they are probably too soft to bother with...



 The first set of knives I ordered arrived about a week ago....they are wonderful.   I am fairly new to wood carving and have tried several different knives........none of them compare to the products I received from Cape Forge!    Obviously the work of a dedicated craftsman or craftsmen (women).  Too,  I like doing business with a small family firm.  Hope the harsh winter weather you experienced early is now behind you.   Best Wishes.

  Thanks,  Charles Preston 

Thanks Charles and to all those who take the time to let me know you are enjoying your tools.  It can make our day!





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