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Karyn de Punte' - Sweezy

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       I have always worked with my hands and when I found glass in 2009 I was completely captivated.   With glass you can paint, sculpt, mix and layer colors to create endless possibilities.  Each time I play with glass it evolves and creates a new avenue to explore.  I can be inspired by a walk in the woods, the print on my pajamas, a painting or a day at the beach and no matter what the inspiration I find myself mentally breaking down everything as if it were layers of glass.   My list to explore is long and I look forward to taking you on my journey.

      I began this journey by graduating from Western State College in Gunnison Colorado in 1988 with a BA in Industrial Education and Technology.   I have always leaned towards the metals and being one of the only girls in this department I wondered where this would lead me.    My father who had been exploring knife making with some of the great masters came up with the idea of Hand Forged Edged Tools upon my graduation.   A clever way to get me to  move back home and put my new found skills to work and in 1989 Cape Forge came to life and I have been making knives ever since.  I love making edge tools and running  my small company Cape Forge and this is my day job.  I added glass to the business as a way to share my weekend glass passion with you.  I have ideas to combine glass and knives so we shall see where my journey goes.   Thanks for looking,  for I am honored to be able to do what I love and share it with you.